Powered by nature
Design saunas from natural materials

Randu Small saunas

Surprisingly roomy and comfortable saunas

Sauna only

Everything needed for a great sauna experience and that's it.

Length: 2,9m

Price from € 6900,-

Sauna with terrace

Comfy sauna witn a small terrace for changing and taking a break.

Length: 3,7m

Price from € 7900,-

Sauna with enclosed terrace

A locking terrace provides a changing area and safe storage for accessories.

Length: 4,3m

Price from € 8900,-

Sauna with changing room

Extra comfort with insulated changing rooom, but still overall compact footprint.

Length: 4,3m

Price from € 9900,-

Sauna with lounge room

Feels way bigger inside than it looks. Bright lounge room for breaks and changing.

Length: 4,9m

Price from € 10900,-

Sauna with lounge and terrace

Our biggest Small sauna — with aninsulated changing room ans small terrace.

Length: 5,5m

Price from € 11900,-

2*2m or 2*2,5m sauna — not too big for a couple, not too small for five or six.

Good looking

Randu saunas are a continuation of Baltic and Nordic aesthetic and cultural traditions — natural materials, a sense of responsibility and connection with nature.

Quite big

In our Small saunas up to six or even seven persons can enjoy the heat without feeling cramped. But it's not too big for a couple.


Our Small saunas are well insulated and powered by perfectly matched stoves — they heat up rapidly even in winter and use very little firewood.


Good quality of materials and workmanship, good stoves and a well thought-out design proven by experience and happy customers.


Sauna benches placed at proper height for quality sauna experience. Full aspen interior for luxurious, natural environment.


You will be positively surprised by our competitive pricing, delivery terms and friendly, flexible attitude.

Randu Small saunas are designed to be transported completely assembled — ready to be used right after delivery. Outer dimensions are 2,45m width by 2,95m height.

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Being born

A sauna is that rare place in today's life where we don't take screens with us. Instead, it's a place where we can quitehappily exist without a connection, offline, even if for a little while. And then it's a moment to connect to oneself.

You can take a candle, some firewood, a little water and that's it. This raw simplicity if a whole different perspective of everyday life, those around us and maybe even ourselves. 

Sauna gives rhythm to a week, even to life as a whole. It's the first building in a homestead, and first building in one's life. At least it used to be that way for our ancestors. And still today sauna is the place where to renew ourselves, reclaim our powers and come back into life as good as reborn.